Thursday, August 24, 2006

A Lot Of Tension In This Town

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When you dig another out of his troubles, you find a place to bury your own.---Mudhead

    The guy who tried to read me the riot act about 'one bag or two' came in to the gas station again yesterday morning and harangued Arco clerk Rene about HER manners. He threatened to take his business elsewhere which is what all us Arco cashiers want him to do.

    Rene is Hispanic. Besides Rene and I, this customer also berated the Iranian clerk for HIS countertop manners towards blacks, so it looks like I was wrong the other day when I implied that this brother doesn't like white people and/or paper sack options.

    My bad. It's Arco clerks he hates . . . or white, brown, yellow, orange and gray people.

    This got me to thinking about the geopolitical map of Los Angeles. As I understand it:
     the residents of Beverly Hills hate poor people (any trash who makes less than $250,000 a year),
    West Hollywoodies hate heterosexuals,
    Los Felizians hate monosexuals,
    Santa Monicans hate pansexuals,
    Hollywooders hate tourists,
    downtowners hate the homeless,
    Inglewooders hate crackers,
    Comptonians hate the police,
    South Centralizers hate each other,
    Venice Beachers hate anyone over 30,
    San Fernando Valleyites hate Los Angeles,
    Gardenia hates Americans and
    Redondo Beachers hate 7-11s.

    Oh yeah, Rob Ryner hates smokers.

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