Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Creating Crimes For Fun And Profit

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Man's mind, stretched to a new idea, never goes back to its original dimensions.---Oliver Wendell Holmes

    One of my friends wrote about the Arco entrapment (see previous two posts):

    “Hate to disagree with you on this one. I've seen cashiers go as slow as snails. You don't get paid for hustling like if you're on commission.  Two, if he just started he should ask EVERYONE to flash their ID when buying liquor.  I did.  I didn't care if they were blue-hairs walking with the aid of a cane.   Old folks got a chuckle when I asked. 

    Convenience store clerks are easy targets for small-time hoodlums.  Take your time.  One customer at a time.  They can wait; whether it's a coke to drink or a gas to pump.  How's that for point/counterpoint.?”

      To which I replied:

    “Bullshit. This is not catching a person committing a crime so much as the police CREATING a crime. There were no kids getting beer at the Arco. We were checking IDs. They set it up so Serge would have a lapse.

    Let's say a hundred people come to do business with you every day and every two or three weeks one of them is a person the police have intimidated into setting you up. If the mole can set you up for a criminal charge, the police will let him off of something HE did.

    OSHA has many laws about posting notices on certain walls about chemicals. Let's say the police have the mole bring a small bottle of solvent to your workplace. He spills something on your desk on purpose, then offers to clean it up using the solvent. In the heat of the moment, you say okay.  If you do, you are fined your next six weeks income, get fired and now have a permanent criminal record.

    Don't  EVEN tell me you wouldn't be screaming bloody murder if the cops set you up like that.

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