Saturday, January 20, 2007

Revver Bought My Big Fat Mean Drunk Sister Groceries

My big fat mean drunk sister lives on my mother's couch. She eats a lot of groceries. My mother lives on a small, fixed income Social Security check. I help my mother, which means I buy groceries for the couch dweller.

I needed some financial help with that grocery bill. I live on a small, fixed income military disability check. I tried worldwide panhandling, but nooooooooobody wants to help feed a couch dweller.

Then I found Revver. Revver Dot Com. It's a video revenue sharing portal where I upload my goofy home videos and they pay me a little sumpin-sumpin every month out of the ad revenues they collect from ads they attach to the end of my works of electronic 'art'.

Revver tracks and monetizes videos as they streak across the web.
Every time someone watches one of the videos I've uploaded or shared, I have a chance to some earn money. At the end of each video there's an ad displayed and Revver splits the ad revenue with me 50/50, directly transferred into my paypal account.

I also make some money sharing the videos of other folks who have uploaded videos to Revver. It's called 'affiliating.' I copy the embed codes of videos I like and share them here on my blog or in emails and I earn 20 percent on those other folks' videos.

You could do this, too, whether it be uploading your own videos or sharing mine (or other 'artists') with your friends. It's not hard. Start uploading your videos on Revver and make some money! I did:


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